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Lycabettus Press has been publishing books about Greece for 40 years. Our publications range over a wide variety of subjects, from tourist guides and travel literature to cookbooks and history.

Recent Publications

Lost in the Wilds of Greece, by Penny Turner

Lost in the Wilds of Greece tells of a love affair between the author and the vast wilderness areas still to be found in Greece. Travelling with her horse, George, she chronicles her encounters with the wild itself, and the people who still live there and preserve the magnificent landscape by using the farming methods that first shaped it.

She rode through the wildest parts of Greece while exploring from east to west and from south to north. She describes breathtakingly lovely countryside, and also records her dismay at the loss of much that is beautiful. Sleeping rough most of the time, she managed to keep her camera dry enough to take some great photos.

Brought up in England, Penny came to Greece forty years ago to teach English. But she lost her heart to the mountains and eventually broke away from civilization and rode out to find the freedom that only the wilderness can bestow. She is proud that because of these rides she became a member of the Long Riders' Guild and was made a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.

172 colour photographs accompany the text.